Air bubble film machine, the preferred "fengyuan" develop

1. Fengyuan "develop air bubble film machine series, the largest production volume and occupancy levels. Since 1994, has been exported to the world more than 30

Countries and regions.

2. The "fengyuan" develop machine adopts advanced bubble membrane production technology, leading technology is mature, stable quality, perfect after-sales service.

3. With a low density polyethylene (LDPE) as raw material to produce the bubble membrane, has moisture-proof, earthquake protection, is the most widely used materials in packaging market

One of the. Bubble film with aluminized film, aluminum foil, kraft paper, etc. Made of multi-layer composite membrane, have shading, heat insulation, heat preservation effect, widely used in car cover

Yang block, architectural decoration and heat insulation layer as well as the Courier envelope and other fields.


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